There's a lot going on in Decatur, IL. So we're trying to help you keep track of it all. This site is still in it's infancy & will improve greatly with time.


Posted Feb 13, 2020. This site is volunteer driven, and we have not had the time to update it recently. This site will be improved and will become active again, but we currently do not have a clear timeline for this. We hope to have some updates by mid March

Last Council Meeting

City Council Meeting - Jan 21, 2020

(The brief summary of this meeting is not available. Click the title for more information.)

Next Council Meeting

The next council meeting has not been posted yet.

Howard Buffett

Howard Buffett & his foundation seem to have a great amount of influence in Decatur, IL. Two recent examples are the $500,000 he granted to the Decatur Police Department for a full-time DUI officer, which many members of the public vehemently opposed. Chuck Kuhle, at the cannabis meeting, specifically stated that one of his reasons for opposing dispensaries is that it would be a rejection of our former sheriff (Buffett).

Read more here to learn about Buffett.

Citizen remarks regarding the DUI Officer, which were much broader than reported by Herald & Review and WANDTV.


There is a lot of data that we're working on putting together for the public. One such example is the 2018 Illinois Traffic Stop Study, which reveals quite a racial disparity among traffic stops in our town.

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