Love Decatur, Illinois

A site decicated to Decatur, Illinois and sometimes the broader Macon County, Illinois

Covid in Macon County, IL

See My Covid page.

A stock photo of covid 19 virus with a slightly transparent background, covering up the Decatur Transfer House in Central Park.

I compile covid data, important covid news, and covid-related resources in Decatur & Macon County, IL

See My Covid page.

About Love Decatur

My name is Reed Sutman, and I run this site & the associated facebook page. I do this for free to serve our community. I was born and raised in Decatur. I lived in Bloomington for about 3 years as a younger adult.

I care a lot about our community. I may add more information later.

All parts of this site have been neglected for awhile except for COVID. I will probably update this site more after this covid wave (written on August 31, 2021).

Local Info

Traffic Data

City Council Meetings