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A site dedicated to community issues in Decatur, IL & Macon County. I'm Reed Sutman, and have been engaged in community efforts & local political issues since 2018. I work on this site & articles 1-2 day a week for free, as a service to our community. You can find me on


Covid updates have continued only for idph cases, thanks to automation. See my links page for some links to covid info & to gerry mandering info.

This site is not being actively maintained, aside from the idph case data.


Dental Hygienists Legislation | Feb 21, 2022

There is proposed legislation to modify requirements for whom can perform dental hygienist procedures.

How Macon County Republicans Took Full Control of the County Board | Oct 14, 2021

Voting districts are redrawn every 10 years. The Macon County Republicans propopsed a map that removes 6 of our 21 county board seats, yielding a 28% decrease in board size, while we've seen only a 6% population decrease over the last 10 years. Read Story

Covid Data in Macon County, IL

I compile COVID data from several different sources, including Illinois Dept of Public Health, CDC, and our local health department. See Data. Updated Weekly.

Freedom of Government Information

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) allows the public to request emails, documents, and information from Government offices including City Council, Police Departments, Health Departments, and so much more. See requests I've shared publicly.

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