Mask Ordinance Complaints Request

I sent a FOIA request to inquire about mask ordinance complaints and associated enforcement


  • There are only 13 complaints listed in the FOIA request
    • I made a complaint about Lisa Gregory not wearing a mask on August 30th. It was not in the original report, but I've been promised an amended report with that corrected.
  • Each complaint's notes merely list that the "Community Liaison Officer contacted business"

My Request


I would like:

  1. To know when the local mask mandate ordinance went back into effect (the one that has fines for not wearing a mask or for businesses not enforcing masking indoors)
  2. A list of all complaints filed since the mask ordinance went back into effect (or since July 1st 2021 if you need a date from me)
  3. A list of all enforcements efforts of the mask mandate ordinance & their outcomes during the same time frame as #2

Thanks! -- Reed


  • Sept 27, 2021: I sent my email to the city clerk
  • October 4th, I received a reply with the attachments below
    • The reply was merely courteous & did not contain information
    • This request is "FOIA Request 2021-02405"
  • October 4th, I sent a reply, asking why my complaint about Lisa Gregory not masking at a council meeting is not lissted.
  • October 4th, Kim Althoff quickly replied saying leavin the Gregory complaint off was "left off the report unintentionally" & that she would send me an amended report soon.
    • I will likely upload the amended report on Friday, Oct 8, 2021
  • October 5th, Kim Althoff sent me an updated report with my Lisa Gregory complaint as well as a couple other additional complaints for late september.
  • October 5th, Jim Spaniol (resident) told me on Facebook: "On Sept 20 at 11:44 AM, I called the City Manager's office about Kroger on 1st Drive (South Shores)." - This report is NOT in the FOIA response sent by Kim Althoff
  • October 12th, I emailed Kim Althoff to inform her Jim's Sept 20th complaint.



My October 4th Reply

Thank you Kim.

I noticed the complaint I made regarding Lisa Gregory, The City, and the Civic Center is not listed in the complaints pdf file. Do you know why that is? Is there a policy or procedure that omits certain complaints from being recorded?