News Outlets in Decatur, Illinois and Macon County

An organized list of sources for local news in Decatur, IL

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Other Directories

Corporate Overlords

  • Lee Enterprises is a large news conglomerate, with about 90 subsidiaries from the looks of it, including Herald & Review and four other "local media platforms" in Illinois
  • Neuhoff Media is a conglomerate running several radio stations and media outlets, including NowDecatur, Y103, and WSOY
  • Cromwell Radio Group onws radio stations in four Illinois cities, and 3 other states. Decatur stations include Talk 101 FM, 93.1 The Party, and others.

Corporate News Outlets

Other Organized News Outlets

  • The Decaturian: "The Decaturian is the student newspaper for Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, which has been in operation since 1903."
  • Edgar County Watchdogs a 501c4 political non-profit

Government News from official offices

Independent News Outlets

  • Love Decatur. This site. My name's Reed Sutman.
  • Marc Girdler. You may know him as "The Guillotine Guy". He ran for City Council in 2021 with a very non-traditional platform, appealing to regular working folk, rather than white-collar status-quo professionals.
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