Illinois 2018 Traffic Stop Study

Illinois Department of Transportation conducts a Traffic Stop Study that requires local police departments to submit data to the state.

The numbers, of course, don't tell the full story about local problems. But they definitely show that there's a problem.

You can go to page 196 of the 2018 report. The Park District police are on page 195. Macon County Sheriff is on page 484.

Decatur Police Data Higlight

Download the Decatur 2018 data.


  • 13,088 African American (AA) people. 21% of all people in Decatur
    • 2696 stops were of AA people. 46% of all stops.
    • 1211 citations given to AA people. 51% of all citations.
    • 154 searches performed on AA drivers. 58% of all searches.
    • 67 contraband items found in searches of AA. 43.5% of searches of AA yielded contraband. 52% of all contraband found.
  • 46,224 Caucasian American (CA) people.
    • 2969 stops were of CA people.
    • 1101 citations given to CA people. 46% of all citations.
    • 106 searches performed on CA drivers. 40% of all searches of CA yielded contraband.
    • 62 contraband items found in searches of CA. 58% of searches yielded contraband. 48% of all contraband found.