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COVID 19 in Decatur, IL and Macon County

A hub for COVID information, especially regarding Decatur & Macon County specifics

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Important Message

COVID is very serious in Macon County right now. Staying home, masking up (even if you're vaccinated), and getting vaccinated are very important. Our hospitals are nearly full of COVID patients. Our County is not even 40% fully vaccinated. About 15,000 children age 11 and under can't be vaccinated.

Continue to get the medical care you need. Your health is important. Go to your doctor appointments, get your medical scans, pick up your medicine from the pharmacy or have it delivered.

If you're over age 50 or have any health risks (including asthma), ask someone to help you with groceries and other essentials while we get through this wave. You can also buy groceries online and order food online. Clean up your back patio and enjoy some take-out for a bit.

If you're young and healthy:

  • Get vaccinated to stop the spread and protect those age 50+ (and folks with asthma, cancer, and other risk factors) who are much more susceptible to death & severe illness from COVID.
  • Get groceries for your parents, grandparents or neighbors who are older
  • Limit your social bubble to a few very good friends and family
  • If you must attend concerts and stuff, isolate for 4 days afterward, then get a COVID test.

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Some of the latest COVID information

Our Hospitals are filling up | August 13th, 2021

On Friday, August 13, St. Mary's (Theresa Rutheford) & DMH (Drew Early) CEOs announced their hospitals are getting full from COVID patients. About 30 COVID patients at DMH. About 85% unvaccinated. Our county is less than 40% fully vaccinated.

Per CDC, No Evictions until after October 3rd, 2021

On August 3rd, the CDC issued an eviction moratorium. You just have to download a form, fill it out, and give it to your landlord. Get the form

Covid Spiked Again in July 2021 After 7 Weeks of Low Case Counts

On June 4th, Macon County Health Department (MCHD) reported only 30 cases for the week. It was the lowest case count in many months. July 23rd showed 50 new cases in a week. It's risen quickly since & August 13th shows 280 new cases in one week.

How can Decaturites mitigate COVID spread?

Reducing the spread of COVID is my number one goal. You can do this by advocating in your social circle, contacting local officials, staying safe, volunteering for those at risk, and spreading information to our community. Check out our page on COVID mitigation to learn more.

Latest COVID Data for Macon County

See our page with the most recent COVID data for more data points, history, and details.

Illinois | Daily Report for Macon County:

  • August 25:
    • New: +88 cases, +491 tests, 1 deaths, 17.923% tests positive
    • Totals +12,409 cases, 219,190 tests, 218 deaths
  • August 24:
    • New: +35 cases, +260 tests, 0 deaths, 13.462% tests positive
    • Totals +12,321 cases, 218,699 tests, 217 deaths

CDC | Daily Report for Macon County:

  • Data as of August 24th at 6:00am ET: (retrieved from CDC on August 25th)
    • 51,896 ppl w/ at least one vaccine dose (49.9%)
    • 40,682 fully vaccinated (39.1%)
    • In 7 days:
      • 480 cases (Aug 17-23)
      • 461.5 cases per 100k ppl (Aug 17-23)
      • 8.69% positivity rate (Aug 15-21)
      • 26 new hospital admissions (Aug 16-22)
      • 33.77% of ICU beds in use by COVID patients (Aug 16-22)

Macon County Health Dept | Weekly Report:

  • August 20:
    • New: 39 hospitalizations, 483 cases, 2 deaths
    • Current: 841 people in home isolation
    • Totals +12,164 cases, 211 deaths
  • August 13:
    • New: 21 hospitalizations, 280 cases, 0 deaths
    • Current: 489 people in home isolation
    • Totals +11,681 cases, 209 deaths
    • After this release, MCHD will resume daily updates

Everything Else

Where To Get Vaccinated

Many stores, pharmacies, and several popup clinics throughout town are providing testing & vaccinations for free.

Questions about COVID

Wondering about the Delta variant, vaccine safety, conspiracy theories, covid in kids, severity of illness? See our COVID FAQ page for summaries, sources, and outside learning resources.


There is a lot of data available from various sources. We made a directory of data sources, so you can more easily see the raw numbers for Macon County from all relevant places


I'm an independent reporter and just one source of local covid information. So I've compiled a directory of news sources for COVID, so you don't have to go fishing around the internet to stay up to date.

COVID Variants

Variant Sequencing report on July 9th showed our first confirmed Delta variant case in Macon County. Additional sequencing since has shown a rise in Delta variant cases. Learn more on our page about variants

Our COVID Archive

Old pages that we're not really using any more. We keep them around for transparency's sake.

Feedback, Questions, Corrections

Message me on Facebook @LoveDecatur. I only check this account a couple times a month.

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