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Where to get the COVID-19 Vaccine in Decatur, IL | Macon County

A map of the vaccination locations, which are all listed below.

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  • Walkins: You may want to call ahead, to check walk-in hours
  • Send feedback or corrections & new locations to me on Facebook @LoveDecatur
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Central Decatur

Name Area Address Phone Walk-ins allowed Notes
Genoa Pharmacy (Heritage) Downtown on 51 South 151 N Main St, Room 332 217-619-0950 yes
Walk-in Fridays 9am – 4pm. May increase hours if demand increases
MCHD Mobile Clinics 1221 E Condit St 217-423-6988 yes
MCHD hosts vaccination clinics in different locations at different times and they are announced each week. You must find their post on Facebook for the latest clinic locations, or you can call them to set it up.
Crossing Healthcare North of Eldo & Water 320 E Central Ave 217-877-9117 no
Schedule an appointment online or by calling
CVS Pershing and Monroe 2990 N Monroe St 217-877-1703 yes
Walgreens Pershing and Monroe 625 W Pershing Rd 217-875-2757 yes

North Decatur

Name Area Address Phone Walk-ins allowed Notes
Kroger Brettwood Village 3070 N Water St 217-877-1327 yes
Colees Corner Drugs Forsyth 845 S US Route 51, Unit B 217-330-9552 yes
Call for details or to make an appointment. Associated with Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy
Walgreens Walmart North 225 E Ashe Ave 217-872-1758 yes
Walmart Walmart North 4224 N Prospect 217-875-0016 yes
Sam’s Club Walmart North 4334 Prospect Dr 217-876-9202 yes
Sam’s Club membership NOT required
CVS in Target 355 W Mound Rd 217-875-6550 yes

South Decatur

Name Area Address Phone Walk-ins allowed Notes
Walgreens South Shores 420 1st Dr 217-422-3801 yes
Kroger South Shores 255 W 1st Dr Decatur 217-429-4998 yes
Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy South Shores 245 W 1st Drive, Suite B 217-429-5165 idk

East Decatur

Name Area Address Phone Walk-ins allowed Notes
HSHS Medical Group Behind Rural King 5285 E Maryland St 217-571-0510 no
Tuesday & Thursday 1pm – 4pm
CVS By Eisenhower 1595 E Cantrell St 217-429-4248 yes
Walgreens Walmart South 4995 E US Route 36 217-864-9866 yes
Kroger Walmart South 1818 S Airport Rd 217-864-5912 yes
Walmart Walmart South 4625 E Maryland Ave 217-864-6927 yes

West Decatur

Name Area Address Phone Walk-ins allowed Notes
CVS By Millikin 570 N Fariview 217-422-1570 yes
Walgreens Near Macarthur 1311 IL-48 Decatur 217-429-1988 yes

Other lists of vaccination locations: