This page is no longer maintained & is kept for archival purposes only.

Covid 19 Data Visualizations Directory | Macon County, IL | 2021

I've compiled various sources for COVID 19 data. Most the data sources are specific to Macon County.


There are so many data viewers and sources of raw data, I surely don't have them all. If you'd like me to add something. let me know.
Message me on Facebook @LoveDecatur. I only check this account a couple times a month.


  • MCHD: Macon County Health Department
  • IDPH: Illinois Department of Public Health
  • json: A file format used in programming
  • csv: A file format used for spreadsheets

Data Visualizations

I use lists, others use charts, graphs, and other fancy stuff.

Love Decatur

I compile some data from official sources into a format that I find useful & hope you do too.

These links are to old pages. I'll update with the new information soon.

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Macon County Health Department (MCHD)

MCHD doesn't really have any data viewers I'm aware of & they don't consistently upload their covid releases to the same place. However, I do have a compiled list of weekly mchd releases

  • Website News Releases which include covid notices. However, lately (June/july/august 2021) they've been posting to Facebook and NOT putting the PDF on the website.
  • MCHD's Facebook which has the releases NOT found on the website

Centers for Diseas Control (CDC)

There are so many viewers and data sources on the cdc website ... I don't know if I'll ever get to listing them all. Here is the cdc covid data home page