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Daily COVID updates for Macon County, IL | August 2021 | Decatur, IL

This page is updated almost every day with new covid case numbers & a short written summary.

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Daily Reports

As of August 19th, I'm trying to do written daily reports Monday - Friday to get better reach, but I might miss some.

August 23: Only 39% vaccinated; increases are slow

Among our entire population, only 39% are fully vaccinated in Macon County. I started tracking this on August 4th, when CDC reported 39,157 people fully vaccinated & 49,471 with their first dose. As of the 20th, we have 40,365 people fully vaccinated and 51,483 with their first dose. This is from about 104 thousand people in Macon County. About 15,000 of them are children.

August 20: From COVID peace-time to 50+ cases per day

The last couple weeks, our cases numbers are climbing at an astronomical rate. Just a month ago, we saw less than 50 cases in one week. Now we're averaging 50+ cases per day.

August 19: 225 cases in 2 days, at least 31 people hospitalized

Macon County Health Department reports 106 new cases and 31 people in the hospital on August 18th & 119 new cases on August 17th. The entire week of August 6th, there were "only" 169 new cases. Now we're topping that in 2 days. Before July 23rd, we had a 7 week period with less than 32 cases per week.

August 13: Our Hospitals are filling up

There were 50 new cases in a single day. The highest we'd seen in one day since January 15th, 2021.

August 12: 50 new cases in one day

There were 50 new cases in a single day. The highest we'd seen in one day since January 15th, 2021.

Latest Data

Illinois | Daily Report for Macon County:

  • August 25:
    • New: +88 cases, +491 tests, 1 deaths, 17.923% tests positive
    • Totals +12,409 cases, 219,190 tests, 218 deaths
  • August 24:
    • New: +35 cases, +260 tests, 0 deaths, 13.462% tests positive
    • Totals +12,321 cases, 218,699 tests, 217 deaths

CDC | Daily Report for Macon County:

  • Data as of August 24th at 6:00am ET: (retrieved from CDC on August 25th)
    • 51,896 ppl w/ at least one vaccine dose (49.9%)
    • 40,682 fully vaccinated (39.1%)
    • In 7 days:
      • 480 cases (Aug 17-23)
      • 461.5 cases per 100k ppl (Aug 17-23)
      • 8.69% positivity rate (Aug 15-21)
      • 26 new hospital admissions (Aug 16-22)
      • 33.77% of ICU beds in use by COVID patients (Aug 16-22)

Macon County Health Dept | Weekly Report:

  • August 20:
    • New: 39 hospitalizations, 483 cases, 2 deaths
    • Current: 841 people in home isolation
    • Totals +12,164 cases, 211 deaths
  • August 13:
    • New: 21 hospitalizations, 280 cases, 0 deaths
    • Current: 489 people in home isolation
    • Totals +11,681 cases, 209 deaths
    • After this release, MCHD will resume daily updates

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